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Save Lives: Paws Angels with Tails Chicago

Paws Chicago Angels with Tails is a heartwarming event dedicated to finding forever homes for homeless pets. Hosted by PAWS Chicago, this annual adoption event takes place in various neighborhoods, transforming streets into vibrant adoption centers.


Families can meet adorable pets ready for adoption while enjoying a community atmosphere filled with free dog treats and engaging activities. Volunteers and pet experts are on hand to ensure a smooth adoption process and provide information on caring for new furry family members.

It’s an unforgettable day for pet lovers and potential adopters alike, making a significant impact on animal welfare.

Event Overview

Get ready for an unforgettable afternoon at PAWS Chicago’s Angels with Tails, where your favorite shops transform into adoption havens for adorable pets. This heartwarming event on Sunday, June 2, 2024, from 12 pm to 4 p.m., invites you to stroll through Gold Coast, where boutiques open their doors to adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Why Your Support Matters

PAWS Chicago’s Angels with Tails is an inspiring initiative where adoption events help homeless pets find forever homes, supported by the community, offering free dog treats and showcasing the life-saving work of PAWS Chicago.

The Course

PAWS Chicago’s Angels with Tails is a series of adoption events where pet owners can find their new furry friend and give homeless pets a loving home. These dog events are creating a vibrant atmosphere for people to meet and adopt.

Team Spirit

A  series of adoption events that bring together pet owners and dog lovers to find their next furry friend. The team’s spirit shines through their dedication to hosting these dog events, creating joyous moments for all participants.

Participation Guidelines

Participants aim to find loving homes for these furry friends while following these simple guidelines

  • All participating shelters and rescues must be approved by PAWS Chicago.

  • Volunteers are required to assist with animal handling and adoption inquiries.

  • Participating organizations must ensure animals are up-to-date on vaccinations.

  • Animals must be friendly and well-behaved to interact with potential adopters.

  • Set up and take down of event booths should be managed by participating groups.

  • Adoption paperwork must be handled by the participating shelter or rescue.

  • Pet owners attending with their own dogs must keep them leashed at all times.

  • All furry friends must be monitored closely to ensure a safe environment.

Remember the Cause

PAWS Chicago’s Angels with Tails is an initiative that hosts adoption events in various neighborhoods, aiming to find loving homes for animals while promoting mental stimulation and socialization. The cause focuses on rescuing pets from shelters and providing them with the opportunity to meet potential adopters in a community setting. This event is in partnership with PAWS Chicago, CACC/Friends of CACC, Greyhounds Only, Tails of Redemption, Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Border Tails.

Save Lives

Paws Chicago Angels with Tails is an exciting event where local vendors, sploot vets, and the roo Foundation come together to support pet adoption. This festive occasion features adoptable pets from PAWS Chicago and various local shelters, providing a great opportunity to find your new furry friend.

Participants can enjoy a yappy hour, engaging with other pet lovers and their pets in a lively atmosphere. Join the fun by attending this pet-friendly event, where you can meet adoptable animals, enjoy refreshments, and support a great cause. Mark your calendar and be part of this wonderful day dedicated to helping animals find loving homes. For more information, please visit Paws Chicago.


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